Commentary on issuing fines for red lights or indoor smoking

What happened to disrepute unproductive professionalism of the police who destruct more than they construct at their job. At the end of each month when they destructed more than been constructed upon they lay their hands on money because of society they refer to and spend it living in the captives’ homes. They collect and dispose breadcrumbs remaining having the audacity to dust them down the bin. Bread belonging to the God of the person who owns it or owed by the precedent of the Roman Soldier whose knowledge of the fact is irrelevant as applied to the situation.

As seen with a view of the captives who would be located to emerge from their homes somewhere but are always there as somebody. A working life is infeasible from captivated breadcrumbs and worthwhile and worthy individuals useless to work and get paid for it decently unlike slaves from the Caribbean in the American South whose owed back wages constructed the society we live in today on the street the captivating incident occurred in place of the subsequent revolt.

What constitutes war motive and motivation for the army is in the context for the police politics and public administration. This is similar to confusing cells in cages in Tiananmen Square and conducting national exorcism. Citizen assassinations enacted by the police were the murders they revealed on imposing the law. Public demonstrations counter-participated on behalf of the police forces kneeling ironically down on protestors to the princess expressing their will or any type of determination.

The physical barrier used responsibly in transforming the boomerang circulating from smoking bans which are banned on the law imposed in person from citizens sharing the police weapon instead of exchanging using money to be winning their claims as their needs which were adhered to by the same person who might have combusted a cigarette; gets cast unconventionally in transforming its use on its consistence to inflict an identical purpose of collecting and subjecting a larger population inhabiting their isolation from the rest of the world describing national and international gain.

All and all in time the equivalent responsibilities under their transformed duties from politics and democracy. Of course autocracy ( αυταρχισμός ) is exercised in the form of tobacco as of its control divided in controlling and supervising. That is if you are personally knowledgeable of what both mean. Not much remains changed as altered in the past from the conquest of liberty taking up as many lives on whether it survives.

  • Subsequent polls than the one taken from the parliament deciding on determinant issues affecting manual administration forced on society in counterpart of the identical state conducted control and supervision on tobacco smoking which was permitted instead of euphoric smoking inadequately not to take place indoors than further inside.
  • Meanwhile children illegitimately declared to be avoiding smoking left for them when they grew up in a torturous world to which this responsibility enslaved them to in an ignorant fashion of enforcing superlative laws determinant on police professionalism having amateurs at an optimal frequency at risk of their personal security refers to the law in person after the car smoke bans.

Under such circumstances and conditions when will the officer plus controlling politician become employed productively? Is the answer to the relevant decisions taken about their intentions going to be enlightened from the microphone bug devices serving their purpose? One has been related humour circulating in the cycles of the British Health ministry and the W.H.O. when mentioning…

  1. If smoking has to be that externalising and extroverted we will make it to not be free… [ for the individual from considering what means this is accomplished under.]
  2. We will not tolerate every day certain people repeating themselves… [ depending on what we would on what we would not do or the specific phenomenon is not repeating itself based on an existent one. ]

Responding is referring to a smoke-free political context or conception not free for all and kicking the habit and general public around. Your guess is on matching who said what from the above followed below differential and valued.

Of course national exorcism in Tiananmen Square or political exorcism and the like used to happen as something openly. Today that is formidable to take place under the shield of liberty advancing deeper from time consolidated democracy.

However the elected ability to do so has been the reason why this happens with many issues like smoking and implies that just because it exists it does not mean it is right necessarily and not wrong. It would be more capable on merit to accomplish what was achieved.

When have smoking bans been theorised and accepted from doing so since when been devised? Why don’t they eventualise on top of everything and do so on top of everybody else? What consistency is inferred on spiritual health in its relation to physical health and the conflict in the controversy? And how more theorised a brain should be to produce more elementary thoughts describing their actions and where is everything practically applied?

Omitted reference to the constitution neglecting its purpose does not honour introducing legislation capitalising on a historical gap or the gain caused by generations and gaining proof of inexperience of life as present.

Similar simplistic declarations forming content in this item of legislation bear no interrelation to the study of the law unless they obviously exercise critical abilities in place of performing conscious decisions and exercising conscious determination of the reason in why something is related to be wrong or right. So it is with the adjacently related science of the law that is not situated before its development made aware of an existing difference which conclude in the impartial critic making simplistic declarations resulting in less simplistic actions whose duty it was to determine as the author of the law.


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