Boris Johnson is in considerable timely advantage to reconciliate the reactionary movement opposing smoke.

Now that anti-smoker politicians have been overthrown or overturned and dismantled by the electorate under Boris Johnson’s libertarian rewarding victory it is time nevertheless to reverse what remains irreversible from Donald J. Trump’s presidency (45-th) and reverse the way back into liberty and justice for smokers and for all other groups and minorities or parts of a population that may suffer ignorance and the rejection of the rest. Vaping has been set to be permitted unconditionally post-Brexit and smoking should come down to cost us £6.99p each time with half-pack menthols being branded.

Dear Your Excellency The RT Boris Johnson MP,

My name is Constantine Kitis and I am writing to discuss overwhelming regulation residual from drafted into laws that obstruct independent thinking and decisions and hinder public life and assembly imposing semi-autonomy on the independence of the citizen intruding into private daily and everyday life pertaining to work and individual maintenance and relate to our national reputation in respect to the problems our country must deal with when regulation of the body by the brain has been externalised to conduct interpersonal relations among people perceived to be involved as the subjects of an experiment possessed by this responsibility.

I appraise your objectivity in exchanging with all industries depending on the equitable financial condition where the tobacco industry can be likewise and exceptionally encountered.

Given the presence of legislation interfering with independent activity of each person because it will become interrelated to the next who would have to depart from their position I mentioned above that regulating externally from the comparison of the body with the mind regulating and be controlling integral motion has to become an obsolete condition awarding some relevance.

With this in mind the inability of each person to derive the result of their abilities pertain to the disability relating to maltreatment and ill-health provided by the health secretary in person of their post and is supplied under legislating special needs about their personal disposition. Hence it is strongly advisable that;

– Vaping restrictions become redundant post-Brexit as promised by the state and the government before its accomplishment;

– Counter-smoking reactional campaigns be further neglected and renounced on their subsequent validity with uniform labels existing for specific consumer goods of the market restored to their named trading and recognition of origin and prices representing their value and not triple or tuple the expenditure.

– Reference be introduced for the public to relate to while exchanging with the deterioration having seen the world about this problem which was taken out of its cause in place of its available solution.

Yours sincerely,

Constantine Kitis, BA

My name is Constantine Kitis and I am today writing to your Lordship to discuss the matter on uniform typefaces of tobacco products and on mechanical devised substitutes and provide my sincere advice about the way forward and personal opinion.

May I introduce the argument I notice that the authorities were at the time of supplying their opinion based on functional needs to politics for implementing timeliness affecting the policies that were being likewise determined.

I am made aware of the ends while met contrasting the comprehensive nature of the existing ban on all aforementioned content of the law while differentiating the term from the comprehensive legislation while noticing the redundancy gap of the work of the Police engaged with the ban addressed to the act of smoking owing that society being simultaneously policed under that medium of the law serving another purpose and role. I would question involving the authorities in politics or policies from coinciding with the condition.

Making reference to the use of the term societal on the occasion I would confer my knowledge and experience to assert the social initiative which is at present succumbing its mastering in ownership of the law and its content awaiting to be disembarked. I will further confer my knowledge to reiterate why locally applied rules to refuelling stations are not the law which in turn should not be punitive in return to the autonomy subordinate to independence like that in possession of citizens.

It is essential to mention that engaging this issue with politics falls short of the national interest and our values setting the reputation of our country and the exterior image while in detriment of individual criticism and its exercised personal ability.

Worthy of the comparison is the independence of the state forming the condition of liberty and prosperity of its citizens which flourish beyond appending instructions originating from International Organisations that have requested their application in person providing interference in private ownership and intervention in public life and assembly and prosperity.

Indeed citizens form the relevant and primary topic of all legislation that is being owned by them.

It is based on principle that existent problems are not trimmed of their cause in place of the oral discussion leading to the available solution. The obstacle experienced by the Republic of Ireland was that passive smoking in a pub room on an eight-hour shift resulted in bartenders additionally smoking the equivalent of 20 sticks proactively from 200 to 900 sticks passively combusted during the weekday.

I will nevertheless disclose that lung cleansing has been made an invention consisting of eucalyptus and green tea infused with more ingredients with electronic vaporisers.

Based on the reinforcement I would advise their use to disembark from the European devised limitations as Brexit is successful as the government had been committed to prior to its significant achievement.

Matters assessed on their priority do not identify with the announcement of the counter-smoking legislation unless coming in its previous form of rules instead being of regulations.

Yours sincerely,

Constantine (Costas) Kitis, BA

Dear Your Excellency RT Hon Boris Johnson,

My name is Constantine Kitis and I have the pleasure of writing to you to discuss the good news of the discovery that blows internal carbon pollution out of the lungs of people who smoke or who have smoked in relation to the Brexit promise announced by the government before it had taken place to permit indoor vaping which coincides with minimal exceptions to be feasible comprehensively.

I am making the assumption that the state and our country are just and fair with equity beyond recognition to circulate and to promote more hygienic products and to contrast the difference on the merit of bronchial health and hygiene to be selling named products having menthol in smaller quantities and encouraging this in relation to mechanical smoking in recognition of only one twentieth of the seriousness of the effects present.

I would urge the government to disengage indoor vaping and its use within context of spaces from its commitment to materialise this post Brexit aware it may not yet be complete and congratulate you on your progress in all you have achieved yet so far especially in light of the techniques devised to cleanse lungs from smoking which can be compensated by doctors to reduce and avoid illness and deaths in place of refusing therapy for smoking because it is derived on the surroundings rendering their knowledge to study pollutive cleansing.

Please reference the above attributed to Universities of Athens and of Creta in Greece making use of the green tea and eucalyptus that is sold according to others as in blueberries and alike that lung cleansing exhales carbon.

Thank you for your time and for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Constantine (Costas) Kitis, BA
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