1979-2019 marked the 40 years of Forest’s U.K. lifestyle association

1979-2019 marked the 40 years of Forest’s U.K. lifestyle association. The celebrating event had a climax speech made with much optimism and much hope from the Chairman of the I.E.T. (Institute for Economic Affairs) Mr. Mark Littlewood who toasted the association’s aims and acclaimed objectives. Featuring a historical speech made by Claire Fox, Chairman of the Academy of Ideas and former MEP who exposed many aspects of social initiative oppression exerted to date and spoke about the philosophy with relevance to the current situation.

Continuing its crucially positioned work Forest UK revealed shocking workplace conditions for civil servants working in local councils who were found to be manipulated to the extent of active control of not smoking on foot mobility in between offices and parking lots and in work expeditions and work and smoking breaks timing and unequal work opportunities differentiating smokers from all the rest make common unfair practices that are supported and reinforced under the state itself.