FOREST Association hold consecutive meetings in tolerance of additional restrictions

FOREST Association for lifestyle choices held two consecutive ‘smoking room’ meetings to review an annual era of economic and social underdevelopment and inertia of economic progress and development to see this through the scope of entertainment and amusement lacking the correct relation to smoking and self-improvisation.

Rob Lyons was host speaker and FOREST Chairman and Director Simon Clark was the lead speaker hosting tens of other guests and personalities across the libertarian spectrum of free smoking proponents and activists who gave their views and shared their recent experiences. An accumulation of disappointment and fatigue was present and evident along with the resentment of policies and restrictions imposed onto the general public during recent crises.

Boisdale of Belgravia in Canary Wharf owner and founder Ranald McDonald was the main and interviewed speaker of the first of ‘the smoking room’ meetings seen below in between FOREST members. The second one dealt with the so-called optimism of attaining a smoke-free country by 2030 by the lack of it becoming an ambition that some not all may have and in either case can achieve through their own person. Watch this space for both of the meetings evolve over 1 hour in the videos.


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