The Adam Smith Institute hold joint speaker meeting event on today’s ‘Vape Nation’

Three speakers came together under the organisational efforts of the Adam Smith Institute to debate about vaping recent developments and how they contravene smoking for a smoke-free nation by 2030 and provide relief to the health-related needs possessed by smokers with forms of alternative smoking followed by submitted audience questions and their answers.

  1. Mark Oats who campaigned for the legalisation of medical marijuana in the U.K. is leader of the Snus and Nicotine-patch Users Alliance who campaign for the legitimisation of Swedish snus in the U.K. post of E.U. participation and director of We-Vape, an advocacy organisation of vapers for politics and representation of their views and opinions within the state and a fellow of the Adam Smith Institute.
  2. Martin Cullip is Chairman of the New Nicotine Alliance, a subscribing service for users of alternative forms of smoking and novel harm-reduction products who promote their functionality and use along with public health aims and objectives.
  3. Clive Bates has been the director from 1997 to 2003 of Action on Smoking and Health later playing a predominant and major contributing role to the anti-smoking movement onwards from 2007 and is now the director of Counterfactual, a pragmatic approach to sustainability and public health oriented organisation that promotes those aims and their objectives.

The distantly-organised event discussed the consumer tendencies between similar types of products and the balances in between them in relation to public opinion and public regulation post-Brexit often referring to Great Britain as an independent player in the W.H.O. forum of nations consigned to the biannual anti-smoking conference taking place in November 2021.

E.U. regulation was significantly downplayed in the meeting and U.K. regulations were given the overall advantage of impartiality over independence. A strong amount of informative criticism is distributed throughout the speeches and the meeting supplies information from the following video below.


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