PMI Smoke-free future: This selection must remain capable to perform itself

PMI’s inspirator of a smoke-free future as contributed from the tobacco industry by abstaining from cigarette production coherently with state aims and the objectives André Calanzopoulos has been giving his position to Jacec Olczac from the 5-th of May 2021 of the CEO while Philip Morris International is hiring two new members of its board of directors and publishes a world-wide survey returning the public opinion on consigning smoking to history having become short of an ambition.

To this our website responds that it must be a choice that smokers can perform to defend their health by choosing in between smoke-free heated devices. Otherwise believing not to be treating people like instinctual and inexperienced beasts is what a plethora of them should be waiting to be subjected to.

  • Dr. Juan José Daboub studied industrial engineering at North Carolina State University in the United States where he earned a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree and a PhD. In 1999 he was the youngest senior cabinet member in El Salvador serving first as Chief of Staff to the President and then as Finance Minister and as a Managing Director at the World Bank Group. In the last decade Dr. Daboub has focused on climate adaptation and energy transition through private and public investment vehicles and organizations including Chair of the Council on Climate Change at the World Economic Forum and the founding CEO of the Global Adaptation Institute.
  • Mr. Shlomo Yanai a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program (AMP) holds a BA cum laude in political science and economics from Tel Aviv University and a master’s degree (MPA) in national resources administration from George Washington University. He is a graduate of the National War College of the U.S. National Defence University.

Philip Morris’ worldwide survey was conducted in 20 nations among over 22,500 questioned participants in December 2020 and found that 67% would agree to consigning smoking to history and 76% believe in nations further pursuing this cause and 58% find that infeasible under current or stricter country regulations whilst 77% are proponents of more open information provided on alternative smoking solutions to combustible smoking in cigarettes.

The results of the survey are displayed in the following charts below:


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