Anarchy is the same across governments and people shows case study with tobacco plain packaging

As soon as plain packaging took effect and was forced on the British tobacco industry smoking rates went up by 0.6% to 17.1% in 2018 from 16.5% in 2017 demonstrating the practice of the effect that anarchy is the same across governments and people in relation to almost every region that belittled the tobacco industry in this crude manner.

Of course a British tobacco industry does not still exist since then on British soil when the JTI Northern Ireland plant closed after the Imperial Tobacco plant closed in Nottingham. But this serves as an example similar in other countries like Turkey where smoking increased by 1.5% to 28% from 26.5% as a result and in Australia where smoking rates remained constant but went up in New South Wales where most people live as a consequence of imposing plain tobacco packaging and the government’s will on people through the abuse of political power.

Maybe the brightest example is that of the French serving as a milestone to the failure of the anti-smoking campaign in France which had to appoint a woman health minister from Macron’s government which won marginally over the far-right in the elections and has since not deterred one single Frenchman or woman in their everyday life and activity to impose on them the same immoral restriction of uniform unstandardized product packaging. The term standard is used having obliqueness to suggest that uniform is the standard of exchanging trade once the standard is by definition what was happening under normal conditions.

36.1% of Frenchmen and women smoke constantly since 2014 up 0.1% from 2012 and was 29.9% in 2005. 40% of French teenagers smoke and on the rise. This serves as an example to prove exactly how the anti-smoking campaign risen smoking rates in France by 6.2% since its effects took place around 2008-2012 as anarchy is the same across governments and people.

The health minister imposed plain packaging in a last resort and an attempt to curb the general public’s collective activity, interests and competence at work and the voice of the public opinion. They have not got it right in the oldest democracy in Europe. They have been successfully ignored and they can fulfil their objectives somewhere else other than France already where they have.

In the Netherlands like in Belgium where smoking marijuana is very common the government still doesn’t care and is legislating on plain packaging by using the law to impose it. We can only hope that this will liberate the Dutch collective initiative under the same spirit and fashion. The social benefits are immense:

  1. The tobacco industry earns more money that it can invest without standing a chance to promote in what. This in turn sets and restores the proportionality of the supply to the demand from what happened momentarily in time.
  2. More people engage in the same common interest increasing social interaction and sociability.
    1. The collective initiative is set free to interact and promote a more healthy society.

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