E.U. disputing menthol promotion schemes set by countries to prevent bronchial health of the citizens

Other countries in Europe other than the U.K. have menthol promotion schemes in place to protect the health-related symptoms of bronchial health for their citizens alike. In response to observing this the E.U. raised that the T.P.D. (Tobacco Products Directive 2014 and later revised) has not been uniformly implemented properly across member-states!

The European Commission stated that it is down to the national capitals to enforce the EU wide legislation and although some member states have begun investigating the matter no firm action has yet been taken.

In other words the E.U. is not complicit or even aware of a menthol promotion scheme and what it means for countries to implement it for their citizens asserting their independence from it and the W.H.O. They can insist nevertheless for their instituted legislation to be exerted across nations in the same inflexible manner it exists.

The Irish Health Service Executive says it is “actively investigating” tobacco companies over alleged breaches of the menthol cigarette ban with Irish health minister Stephen Donnelly saying he would support any revisions to the directive to ensure that the provision in relation to the menthol ban is “robust”, reports the EU Reporter.


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