New Zealand anti-cancer society wanting to cut number of cigarette outlets by 90%

An outrageous petitioning demand has been raised by the New Zealand anti-cancer society to reduce the number of 3000~4000 retailers selling cigarettes to 200 in the whole of the country.

“We know it will work, it’s been put in place overseas, and we also know the public is supportive of it. In 2018, the government did a survey where 68 percent, almost 70 percent of people supported making tobacco less available, so there’s really strong public support,” said the anti-cancer society advocate Shayne Nahu.

But Professor Richard Edwards of the University of Otago Department of Public Health who agrees said that “You really need to make quit clinics and quit lines and all those sorts of things available as part of this intervention. It’s not just reducing the availability, you’ve got to help smokers as well,”.


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