UK Environment Minister unwilling to use taxes for clearing cigarette waste

UK junior Environment Secretary Rebecca Pow claims that “We are exploring how cigarette companies can be held fully accountable for the unsightly scourge of litter created by their products,” whilst concealing that all other industry sectors who are responsible for litter with the consumer have it collected for the consumers using the taxes that consumers are paying.

Not only depends on an opinion and the quantity about how unsightly each necessity and eventuality can become out of necessitated but depends on another opinion about whether consumption could be distasteful for smoking in relation to each person and a democratically represented and a national leadership.

Waste made out of its citizens does not belong to the producer of the consumed product and the role of the state to be established and founded to clear it out of the taxation that involves consumers of the same product is misinterpreted and distorted by perpetuating a stereotype of discriminatory exaggeration.

It follows a repeat action of the French government of Macron in claiming that the litter was made by the industry instead of the consumer as its citizens.

Both have littered the law that protects people and is used for a different purpose other than dictating affirmative actions to those concerning them.

Ministers have considered this seriously to redirect the tobacco industry into paying the expenditure of 40 million pounds to keep Britain tidy from cigarette smoke and waste.


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