Labour 2007 Smoke ban appended from the Government and Party majority

Against all odds the Labour Party passed the smoke ban in 2007 amidst its leadership contest prevailing Gordon Brown from Tony Blair who was given in to Iran-Iraqi war handling and management in the Gulf and stepped down in advance.

Whether this passed that way or messed everyone up remains to being seen! Neither the presently ruling Tories nor the Lib-Dems supported prohibitionist persecutions and raids happening in third states or countries in their vast proportionable majority while lessons are being taught from history in ascension.

Indeed the wigs conferred and ‘contributed’ 274 votes in favour of prohibitive legislation opposed to smoking indoors in 2007 while 68% of the British public were opposed but only 47 votes came from the present government party having more seats now and another 47 came from the third party in opposition namely the Lib-Dems and 7 independent favouring votes added up to 275 opposing votes in defence of lost liberty. There fore those 47 votes from either side in the opposition were crucial to the result returned by the Labour Party in government but overturned the balance.

Not only was public opinion not consulted to determine the result but representational democracy was replacing direct democracy during which hypothesis the general public would clash to determine the result and indeed with each other and their course of action additional to distortion and irrespective reference on behalf of Action on Smoking and Health and anti-smoking or such abusive charities ensuring individually isolated interests and preferences not constituting somebody’s needs many of whom are based from Denmark and conduct statistical research pertaining to public health having an initial encouragement from the pharmaceutical industry.

On the first of July the Bill passed as an act with a designated time of commencement in effect of 1/1/2008 and doomsday destructed part of our human civilisation on its downpouring with commonly used monies across neighbouring continental borders.

The Labour Party can offer and contribute on one more element towards this direction instead of the E.U. in effect the prohibition of meat consumption otherwise obtaining a widespread agreement in the annual Brighton Conference for its voluntary advocate and reputable lawyer Michael Mansfield Q.C.


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