Painter Anita Chowdry and activist Emily Wieja will join Forest to protest on expected smoking extortion measures

Painter Anita Chowdry and activist Emily Wieja join Forest U.K.’s online webinar this Thursday the 8-th of July 2021 called “Consumer voices uncut” to protest on expected to be published or announced smoking extortion measures taking the form of proceeds of the parliamentary commission for smoking and health to be brought into parliamentary debate following pressure significantly exerted from peers from the House of Lords.

Notably the unelected house in parliament is not controlled by the governing party and present government which makes and accounts for fair practises in the sector of smoking and public health as well as representing those who elected it into power under those means. More peers have more recently exerted reactionary pressure to extort smoking than productively performing their representative and parliamentarian duties. Concrete plans have emerged for smoking prevalence minimisation for 2025 having an ambition of arbitrarily extorting smoking until 2030 that is not shared in priority with the present government.

Anita Chowdry who is a famous artist and the activist Emily Wieja will be joining Mark Littlewood, General Director of the Institute of Economic Affairs and journalist Pat Nurse, and news editor Henry Hill, Conservative Home, hosted by Forest U.K. host and publicity commentator Chairman Simon Clark in a show and meeting aimed at combatting the emerging developments opposing smokers’ free will as much as their private and personal decisions.

Matters to be covered and discussed in the meeting is individual cigarette stick health warnings and raising the age of their purchase to 21 years, imposing “smoke-free” settings around public congregation venues and bars and performing smoking extortion until 2030. All of them outrageous needlessly negotiating about the minimum age of purchase for tobacco products while the centre of gravity is crucially misplaced.

Forest U.K. invites all interested participants to speak free of charge while mentioning that “Tobacco harm reduction is an honourable goal but like most tobacco control conferences THR events generally ignore a key stakeholder – the millions of smokers who enjoy smoking, know the health risks and still don’t want to quit.

We believe that all nicotine users deserve equal respect and understanding and that every consumer has a right to be heard regardless of what product or device they use.

Ahead of the announcement of the UK government’s new tobacco control plan (expected soon) ‘Consumer Voices Uncut’ will give a platform to both smokers and vapers to discuss issues that matter to them.

Our consumer panel includes special guest Mark Littlewood, director general of the Institute of Economic Affairs; Henry Hill, news editor, Conservative Home; journalist Pat Nurse; artist Anita Chowdry; vaping advocate Andy Morrison; and smokers’ rights campaigner Emily Wieja.

As well as the tobacco control plan – which aims to achieve a ‘smoke free England’ by 2030 – we’ll be addressing topical issues such as raising the age of sale of tobacco from 18 to 21; health warnings on individual cigarettes; bans on smoking and vaping at work; and calls to ban smoking in beer gardens and other outdoor seating areas.”

Especially the penultimate argument aiming at supplying unequal work opportunities having smoking status as a criterion to abandon labour and work and provide less or minimal opportunities of employment for those who smoke based on that criterion which is unrelated.


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