PMI heat not burn turmoil finding its place in the right ashtray!

PMI Vice-President initially said there is not a question on heat not burn tobacco but of heat and burn tobacco when introduced to the invention to be poised to begin its production.

After less than twenty years PMI has made exactly the opposite as an issue of its iterative of its heat not burn devices like the IQOS which uses a patented component of British American Tobacco utilised for the production of its Glo device according to itself and what has been proven in court over a lapsed period of years.

Hearings have been ongoing in Virginia and with the International Patent Office and have proven successful in favour of B.A.T. claims that its technology and patent was used in the IQOS derived from the Glo device. The component part in question consists of the ceramic heater that heats compacted tobacco to 350 degrees Fahrenheit preventing it from igniting and is allegedly used in the Glo device and invented by itself. Now Altria will cease expansion of the market and promotions aimed at it for the IQOS while it was also feared that it would be banned from importation and its circulation in the United States.

The case is to conclude on the 15-th of September 2021 deriving any additional conclusions and heat not burn repetition aired by Philip Morris to the government and public in society as a scapegoat to conclude producing physical cigarettes is already and apparently in trouble.


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