Smoke bans have at least set one place on fire with any much more

What has been the role of the state in setting fire on King’s Cross Underground and Train Station (formerly known as King George Station) in London if they removed all indoor cylinder ashtrays having instituted the notorious for the same reason smoking ban of Great Britain?

Ashtrays solely are fire prevention instruments to be used for that purpose or are only used for that purpose. After removing all cylinder indoor ashtrays including those in King’s Cross Station somebody left their cigarette without extinguishing the cigarette somewhere on the floor and the station was set on fire arguably by the state who rendered the ashtray “useless” according to their own perception after the smoking ban who had to put it out instead who also dismissed the purpose it would have served.

This is at least one case when the state set fire on one place. There may be more however, like the so-called “wild”-fires of Australia in the summer of 2020 where smoking restrictions are discriminatory and serve severe penalties and restrictions to all citizens also affecting the disproportionate price of cigarettes priced at AUS $30 of the equivalence of £16 that somebody might have escaped the city and been driven out of it to smoke led there in the deserts by all the streets not convening to its centre.

Two fires occurred in the summers of 2018 and 2021 downtown Athens, Greece that started from its rural or suburban areas and developed uncontrolled within inhabited areas. Those fires might as well have started from half-lit cigarettes thrown in the weeds from somebody who might as well had done so from the use of the building they were operating within.

If proper ashtrays are not used to serve their purpose then that purpose is called fire-prevention in its most essential term. Another purpose secondary to ashtrays is waste gathering and proper litter disposal.

This occurred in France in the form of a major issue when tobacco industries are now forced to subsidise and cover the cost of people being turned outside to smoke and throwing their butts on the surfaces of streets and pavements which should neither happen nor use ashtrays indoors from where those butts are disposed properly as waste.

Some people in France are still learning that you can’t have the pie and eat it while they learn that in Australia what you give is what you get!


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