Smoking bans are about our right to free motion

It is an established fact that unnecessary smoking restrictions trespass free motion rights and circumvent the asylum of the private residence in order to enact legislation and ordinances. Spelling out to someone where to go and what to do there is illegal. Free travel and free motion rights are opposed to the smoking ban that trespasses the right to free motion only by not including travel.

Instructing someone to go somewhere with the power of exchange is grossly illegitimate and should be punished for those who are responsible, whether they are the bloody F.D.A. or the bloody health secretary who kick people out of their shelter to smoke and come back as they expect it to happen.

The right to choice and selection cannot either be trespassed in this way neither can the asylum of the private residence become the asylum of lawmakers to write onto the law that ensures our primary survival what predictable to do in our everyday lives as of how to do so and how not to. This process makes the use of fear of punishment and its exchange and is dictating people’s actions instead of preventing them.

Anti-smoking activists who have convinced the state to act against people it serves will argue that those people may live for less longer than they would have been alive for. But as the motto of the Greek Revolution in 1821 puts it it is better to live an hours free life than to rot in captivity for forty years or even a whole century.

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