New Zealand planning to phase out smoking by step of age – what if someone is a Maori aboriginal?

Unfortunately smoking is not accessible anymore in New Zealand for those who will be aged below 14 inclusive as of 2022 because whoever was born after 2008 inclusive may not be allowed to purchase cigarettes and tobacco if the same draft is voted into law and they will have to revert to smoking alternatives like electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco which unlike in Australia are permitted for use in New Zealand.

The Queensland University inspired prohibition and abandonment was proposed Thursday 9-th December 2021 after medical professors from the university proposed that dates should be designated for smoking to be forbidden to be sold there, so the NZ Health Minister thought it would be a good idea to implement the correct version of this plan on the Island next to Australia. The idea is not good, not so good for those aged 14 or under in 2022 who will not be competent to exert their own choices and besides it can easily find its way elsewhere since that is the target of governments that are nevertheless elected by their victims.

But what if somebody is a native Maori aboriginal living in New Zealand? Why should the colonisers dictate to them what to do in the modern time? Should the laws of the Anglo-Saxon state apply to them who own the land in the first place when the existing state has not been founded by them and does not belong to them? The answer is when that regards what somebody does independently more conflictingly no. The strict dictates of the Anglo-Saxon government in Australia or New Zealand concern and affect the colonisers and are not physically valid over the aboriginals who can form their own government instead and inhabit their own land or country in the way that they prefer.

Based on this last point FOREST director Simon Clark defended New Zealanders who prefer to smoke by stating that “This is prohibition in all but name and prohibition very rarely works. If tobacco is made illegal to people born after 2008 it won’t stop younger generations smoking. The sale of tobacco will simply be driven underground and consumers will buy tobacco on the unregulated black market. The impact of this policy will hit non-smokers as well because the government will have to replace lost revenue by taxing something else. Any attempt to introduce a similar law in the UK would be fiercely resisted. You can’t have a two-tier society in which 30-year-olds are treated differently to 40-year-olds. Adults should be treated like adults whatever their age. This is about freedom of choice and personal responsibility and politicians should think very carefully before they sink to prohibition as a tool to achieve their smoke-free goal.”

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