Smoking bans and the arbitrary punishment of the state

In South Africa you can get half a year in prison for smoking inside. It is a matter for South Africans of whether they prefer racism from their oppressors and colonisers of their land or whether they prefer smoking restrictions since they can choose between the two and make up their mind about what is lighter and what is heavier.

But what are people punished for when they are being punished for smoking and charged exorbitant fines for smoking inside and exchange that with displacing themselves from their environment? Is that not a form of arbitrary punishment? Being able to select the person who smoked to punish them for something that does not underlie their responsibility towards the rest? Depending on the measurement of what each person is capable of it is disproportionate and ridiculous to claim that they are responsible for inflicting smoke onto your presence.

But arbitrary punishment in the form of detention and also torcher survive from history in third world countries and other underdeveloped nations. In Turkey journalists and university professors advocating the truth are imprisoned for doing their job better than others and in the Persian Gulf it is uncertain whether you will return or come back home once there for any reason. The orgie that is performed is especially vivid in dictatorships and special regimes where people go to prison because of what they believe and communism where people go to prison for what they would vote on without an opposition.

The problem appears to be that the state in poor or third world countries does bad things, and so that the state is bad for keeping anybody in prison. Finding an excuse to do so is what is only maintained out of what used to happen from history that still happens there. A state that prevents everybody from smoking depending on where they are is not serving any of its citizens by opposing each of their immediate interests and has to be abolished with the too concerned about the matter police. It appears someone cannot be forgiven for something they did not do or that they are not responsible for. Then what do you think about something that actually happened? That it can be forgiven after it occurs for the first time? Then why do they not forgive us for smoking inside? It is because smoking is liberal and the police is not liberal. It is because people are good but the state is bad. It is because generic packaging originates from the state monopoly that has aligned to the West. It is because of a false flag.

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