Welcome to Amend or Scrap the Smoking Ban!

Our website should not be seen to be promoting smoking. It is in fact in support of simultaneous proactiveness before daily improvisation and accomplishment of each capacity and should proceed without wasting time!

However we advocate that there should be no other condition than to deposit the cost of the price for a good of the market to consume it in the foreseeable way being excluded from which place and time. That people should be free to smoke without any interference from the law or the state.

Smoking restrictions that do not apply physically known to be counter-smoking legislation and replacing private advocacy should rely on self-sufficient resources and act independently to obtain results acclaimed as needs in place of preference and not compare physical items to people with interpersonal relationships.

An inability to accomplish anything transforms the relevant disability into an illness or pathology of the captivity in this context and diminish compound physical and mental health returning the expense of the individual feeling the need to smoke after their civilisation which must be proven in reciprocation.

Smoking can be pleasant or socially so or can be rest from the exhaustion having done manual labour or an antidote to certain similar conditions recommended for respiratory beneficial exercise. Under no circumstances are goods of the market characterised under the comprehensiveness as bad and broadly defamed. And under none should a peacefully and self-derived habit be projected as anti-social in its nature to counterbalance the unsociable scale of breaking the mutual convention and principle of cohabiting society in the same space. But these depictive conditions can be further explained from reading this website and its news on such stories.

“… enthusiasm for smoking bans has more to do with controlling behaviour than it does with protecting non-smokers from harm… We should recognise anti-smoking activism for what it has become: a contemporary manifestation of the old time temperance movement, wrapped in the modern clothing of epidemiology but with the same tired contempt for individual liberty.” Jacob Grier from book of 2019.