Obesity attributed to an epidemic like has been wanting to smoke

Smoking has been characterised as a social epidemic. Now there is another epidemic that they have called obesity.

When people decide voluntarily to eat more or to smoke then that is an epidemic, because of the same result of satisfaction or the consequence opposing satisfaction. The state and the W.H.O. are bad enough to contradict people’s wishes and saying so. Because some eat voluntarily obesity is an epidemic. Because we all would smoke voluntarily smoking is an epidemic. Both give back satisfaction.

That is the psychology of the state and the International Organisation that closely imitates the state that is attempting to replace it with World Governance or the E.U. or E.C.

Why World Governance? Because likewise there will be a lack of democracy for them and their greedy pursuits. Because if governance exists because the nations are united then it is not derived out of the existence of those who are ruled. This is a great chance for them not to have democracy and be set free to act in what we call arbitrarily.

A great other chance to deprive us of our liberty to type eating more as an epidemic similar to wanting to smoke.

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