Smoke-free tyrants cling onto their constitutional cell

Following 5 counties and Oxfordshire dictating to pubs and clubs about the nature of their job and function of their purpose by invading the specificity of their premises and overall property by restricting to customers the purpose of their visit to smoke the central government and state relentlessly persecutes smoking and its addicted users proposing through the parliamentary committee on smoking and health scrutinised measures and hyperbolic unaffordable restrictions that have reached every precedent in doing so.

Among 12 recommendations to print red health warnings on each cigarette contained in each of the packets it would coincide to be in is attempting to obtain the result of the impossible division by zero of destructing the numerator as the cigarettes and packets that are multiples to each other of like quantities.

Other horrendous plans and prepositions were made to raise the minimum age of sale of cigarettes to the age of guardianship of one’s self of 21 from the age of legal responsibility of 18 years of the age of an adult citizen.

What is more contradictory and conflicting to each other is campaigning and supplying relevant education to manual labour professions and mental health and council tenants to quit smoking whilst those people would rely on it to rest from their work or participate socially by using means that is more proximate than others. Those declarations disprove common education and common sense and is insensitive to perceive.

And setting a target of eliminating smoking by 2030 and having concrete plans for 2025 is complacent to not having any more Indians in the world today to move on with the remainder of their objectives. Only thing is, the 5 county restrictions are violating the constitutional rights of those citizens like those politicians and committee members are violating their constitution interfering with the course of action of the rest of the countries with what they do as well as their people. They can expect to be smoke-free themselves alone in their constitutional cell where they aim at entering.

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