Announced 2021 budget leaves tobacco price unaffected

The 2021 budget left tobacco prices unaffected like all other commodity taxes on alcohol and petrol and fuels. Tobacco rose during 2020 in November and along the annually announced budget from the Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

Simon Clark from Forest said the association were not expecting a rise on top of the two previous rises of 2020. Unaffected prices from inflation were not added the customary rate of 2% on its surplus.

Cheapest rates currently remain £9.95p on average for a 20 sticks packet. This also means that the prices momentarily set to £9.95 have been set back to £9.25 lowest on average which is 70p less than initially planned.

Mr Sunak said ‘All alcohol duties frozen for the second year in a row – only the third time in two decades. And right now, to keep the cost of living low, I’m not prepared to increase the cost of a tank of fuel. So the planned increase in fuel duty is also cancelled.’


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